Block Retaining Walls

Choosing the correct wall for your needs isn't always the easiest task. There are two basic functions of a landscape wall. The first is a Retaining wall. Retaining walls are used when you have a slope in your yard and you want to make a shelf for a patio, walkway, pool, raised flower bed… whatever. They can be both functional and beautiful.

The second, a Freestanding wall does not hold earth back. This wall is used to complete the look of and provide a seating area. Both side of the wall have a finished face. A Freestanding wall works great around a patio, a pathway or at an entrance.

Your next choice is the look. Color, texture and finish create the look. Most wall blocks are created to look like natural stone. A stone cut wall ( Highland Wall Stone ) achieves this look the best. There are also walls that have varying sized blocks ( Highland 3" & 6" Wall Stone ) to look even more like natural stone walls. Click on any photo to see more photos in the gallery.